The Hybrid Series Claudia . Modie

The Hybrid Series: Claudia B. Modie

I first read this as one book, (the original draft), and although not my usual genre, was captivated by the story, as well as the supurb writing style. Claudia B. Modie has used her expertise on a sometimes tabboo subject, and the storyline, characters, together with the many twists and turns captured me; the pages turned, and I was lost within the "Hybrid World".

I have been interested in aliens and UFO's for most of my adult life, but the idea of Hybrids living among us is something that, in truth, has never crossed my mind. The thought of races from distant worlds being engineered here on Earth is, for me, quite mindblowing, and since reading this trilogy, my interest on the subject has certainly grown considerably.

The story begins with Olivia discovering a pregnancy that cannot be realised in her rational mind, simply because she hasn't made love with the father, Bobby, who, it transpires, is himself a living result of an alien engineered birth.

We soon learn of how his mother experienced numerous visitations from The Sky People, before leaving with them on a permanent basis.

As the story unfolds, we discover the many powers that Bobby has been born with; of how he can read Olivia's mind . . . and indeed, the powers that spark from within her too.

Enter Danny, Bobby's brother, and we embark on a rollercoaster ride centered around, not only Olivia's complicated pregnancy, but the love triangle between the three of them.

I'm not going to give anymore secrets away, because I really do not want to spoil the read for you guys, but please, if this is your genre, then you should read this one. And, like me, if it isn't your usual reading subject matter, you should read it too, it opened my eyes to a lot of what certainly could be going on around us!

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  1. I read this the first three books in one night. I could not put them down. The first book was great but a little hard to follow at times but the other two where amazing. I am waiting for the fourth book to come out now.
    -Reader from Montana-