Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I wrote Bingo with Claudia B. Modie, (The Hybrid Series), through the first part of last year. It was my first book since, Losing the Hate, was released in November of 2010.

I wanted to try my hand at fiction but was unsure of what genre I wanted to write. After a lot of deliberation, I ran Bingo's storyline by Claudia, who was very keen about my idea.

Danny’s stepfather has always been volatile, but when he sexually abuses him, Danny’s already bleak life becomes unbearable.
As a result, he lashes out during a schoolyard confrontation with the local bully, Jabba, and an unlikely friendship is born. The boys join forces and embark on a whirlwind adventure; an adventure which has devastating consequences.

”Bingo” is a dark tale about life on a 1970′s inner city council estate in South East London. Join Jason, (Jabba), as he returns to his childhood in a bid to find out the truth behind his best friend’s life.

We decided to use the basic plot line of a sexually abused young boy, mainly because it's a subject matter that I feel, (for obvious reasons), very strongly about, although both of us agreed that it wasn't to be a major focal point within the book. But, we also wanted to include other subjects such as domestic violence, drugs, and crime.

Bingo, isn't all dark; focusing on other subjects such as love, friendship, as well as a bonding relationship with man's best friend, (Claudia's idea); a dog. All of this we threw into 1970's London life on an inner city council estate.

We both worked solidly for weeks planning the flow of the storyline, and I was very excited about Claudia's dialogue suggetions, (including the South London slang), given that she's an American. there were times when both of us were almost crying with laughter with the slang.

The pair of us had a fantastic journey with this piece of work, and for those of you who haven't yet read it . . . we really hope you gain something from it.

Simon P :)

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