Monday, 30 January 2012

Blogging At Last

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Blog !

I've chosen to create this in order to give people an insight into the man behind the book, as well as writing about the evolution of, Losing the Hate, I shall be showcasing my favourite books by indie authors.

Contract restraints do not allow me to plublish any content from, Losing the Hate, but I shall be expressing how it has helped with the re-construction of my life.

I'm also going to be writing about how my unfortunate experiences moulded me as a teenager.

Feel free to get invloved, we're all friends here.

Simon :)


  1. Losing the Hate sounds fascinating, although a little "hard" from my usual chicklit reads!

    It's a brave thing to do to use your own experiences to such extreme. All the very best of luck to you.

    1. Thanks for your support Louise.
      I wanted to write something which, hopefully one day, would set to help other voiceless victims who find themselves feeling alone.

      It was a hard write, and often the arduous task of reliving some of those times nearly forced me to abandon the book altogether.

      The response from people has been quite overwhelming both with my reviews, as well as feedback from various writing sites. :)