Saturday, 19 May 2012

BINGO Now Available In Paperback in the UK @ amazon

BINGO is now readily available in paperback in the UK for just £5 (introductory offer price).

”Bingo” is a dark tale about life on a 1970′s inner city council estate in South East London. Join Jason, (Jabba), as he returns to his childhood in a bid to find out the truth behind his best friend’s life.
Some of Bingo's Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars A Story That Will Stay With You, 2 Dec 2011

This review is from: BINGO (Kindle Edition)
I finished reading Bingo last night. It's left a deep impression on me. Joint authors, Claudia and Simon, have a way of drawing you into the story from the beginning.They take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions with a cast of characters that you will love or hate. You cannot help but love little Danny and his mate Jabba. You'll have sympathy for Bingo, the beloved pet of Danny. Danny's mum Bell does her best, but is fighting a losing battle with husband Joe, who is not Danny's father.But Bell has long term plans up her sleeve to get back at Joe who destroys everything around him. I'm not doing spoilers. I feel you should buy and read this compelling tale. You really won't regret it. :-)

5.0 out of 5 stars A Read That Pulls You In, 30 Nov 2011

This review is from: BINGO (Kindle Edition)
OMG! This story is awesome, digs into your subconscious, and makes you question the true motives of humanity. When I became aware Sye (along with Claudia) had written another book I had to get it and couldn't wait to read it. I thought his first novel 'Losing the Hate' was outstanding, but Bingo....'intense' is all I can say.

As soon as I downloaded the novel I was pulled into the story within the first page and refused to come out until I had finished. Sye and Claudia drag you through a myriad of emotions with their descriptive prose and the need to protect Danny from the adults around him is the strongest. But for the misguided belief of the mother, the child's life could have been so different. I recommend Bingo. It will be on my mind for a long time.

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