Monday, 7 May 2012

A Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships by Jess C. Scott & Matt Posner

Hi All,
I want to share a letter I received from my friend and fellow author, Matt Posner, (below).

Matt and I first became friends when he chose to review my book, Losing the Hate. He is a credited writer, and it gives me great pleasure to share his latest work with you all; a work which, I believe, is of great importance, given the climate in which we all live in.

many thanks
Simon P

Hi Sye,
Thanks for giving me a chance to appear on your blog to talkabout Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships. Since reading and reviewing Losingthe Hate was how I got to know you, I know you care deeply about the healthof teenagers and you have written your powerful memoir in order to give them(and adult survivors of abuse) strength in difficult times.  Jess and I have also written because we care.I'm a teacher and see teens in emotional and sexual difficulty as part of mydaily work, while Jess writes about sex and relationships and hears fromreaders every day who make connections between her writing and their own lives.We want to make a difference for these young people.
Our goal with this book was to guide teens to a betterunderstanding of their bodies and their feelings and to cut through medianonsense, cultural myths and the shrouds of mystery covering certain topics togive them a mature view.
There are all sorts of confusing and painful feelings thatteens have when they are new to dating and forming romantic and emotionalbonds. I think about all the misunderstandings and mistakes that I faced when Ifirst fell in love at age fourteen (which did not go well) and I wish I had hadaccess to the kind of advice that this book contains, when it seemed like all Ihad was a bunch of nonsense written in the early 60s showing people dressedlike characters from Leave it to Beaver.
Jess and I both understand that teen sexuality happens, andwe want to give  our readers the chanceto get what sex is really about and how to do it in the most healthful waypossible. That doesn't mean we encourage teen sex -- we absolutely don't -- buteven if they don't have sex, teens still need to know what it should and shouldnot be like when the right time comes.
We enjoyed the process of working on this book. There was apositive vibe at every point, not only because it felt so good to be sharing ourknowledge and thoughts, but because it was the first real collaboration foreither of us. Knowing someone else believes in what you're doing and is teamingwith you to make it work is a great feeling.  Jess and I have compatible styles, and weshare the fact that we began to write seriously when we were young. I canconfidently say that she writes with much more confidence and professionalism now than I did at her age.
Here's a link to a sample on my website:
Here's Jess's page on the same material (her website isawesome):

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