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Sarah's Secret by Danielle Bienvenu

Author Bio:

At 25 Miss Bienvenu is a professional author (Against All Odds: The Ruby Princess, 2004 paper back), (countless E-readers) and poet (Le Beau Coeur- The Beautiful Heart, 2009 paper back). She wrote her debut novel, \"Against All Odds: The Ruby Princess\", at 14 years old. She published it at 17. She became a professional model in print and on runway at 10. Danielle became a professional actress at 12; doing commercials and acting in a pilot series with Haley Duff and Shelley Duvall. She\'s won many international pageants and has been dancing from an early age, winning awards for her choreography and dancing; performing internationally. At 18 she received her Coat of Arms from France.
Danielle began song writing at the age of 6 and writing stories at 10. She is a graduate from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and minors in French and Writing. Danielle is fluent in French as well as English. She is also a seasoned missionary. She enjoys playing guitar to her own beat, dancing in grocery store aisles and singing whenever the urge strikes. Danielle often travels with pen in hand.
Danielle currently resides in Texas where she teaches French. She lives with her two dogs: Annabelle and Toby. She is also a member of Faith Writers, an online forum for Christian writers. She is best known for her mystery and psychological thrillers, romance novels, poetic symbolism, and works against social injustices.


Against All Odds: The Ruby Princess- novel & e-reader

Danielle Fairbanks is a normal teenager. That is, until she discovers a secret in France. Suddenly, Danielle's entire life is changing before her eyes. Thanks to an ancient prophecy,she now has to worry about being killed by extremists... and falling for Prince Riley.
Nicole Pearson also embarks on a secretive adventure while volunteering at Cummings Castle in England. She manages to turn heads... and not just Prince James'! However, Nicole soon realizes she is not welcome there.
With God working in their lives and through eachother, Prince James, Nicole, Prince Riley and Danielle overcome the greatest obstacle of all... themselves.

Le Beau Coeur~ The Beautiful Heart-novel

Le Beau Coeur means "The Beautiful Heart". It is a collection of poetry and lyrics. As Miss Bienvenu writes, "This collection is the product of childish nature, pure rubbish, and daydreams. It is the outcome of countless tears, heart breaks, and 22 years worth of growing pains. It is the product of numerous travels around the world".

Running From My Shadow -e-book

Collin Flannigan married the love of his life. Then tragedy struck and took her from him. After years of believing her to be dead, Collin now learns that the love he went so long without might be alive after all. But with a child on the way and a vindictive wife, Collin might lose his love. A psychological thriller and page turner, Bienvenu captivates the very essence of intrigue and mystery.

My Brother's Keeper -e-book

Bryce Kelley spent his entire life being shielded by his twin brother Brayden. Now that Brayden is dead, Bryce is left to fend for himself and his mother in the absence of his best friend and twin. Everyone is convinced that Brayden committed suicide but Bryce is determined to vindicate his brother and prove that it wasn't suicide at all but murder. Bryce will stop at nothing to find his brother's killer. Bryce quickly learns that clearing his brother's name could be deadly and he'll need all the help he can get from a sketchy girl that is linked to his brother's killer.

The Gilded Mirror- short story e-book

Anne Davenport is a stranger in a foreign land. An immigrant from Austria alienated from her family, she must learn to survive however she can even if that means becoming a maid. Dreams of returning to Austria collide with her employer Lord Birkshire and she has no one to turn to. Through unwarranted cruelty and social injustice Anne learns to spread her wings and fly.

He's Mental; That's Why! -short story e-book

Sadie Lynn Reeves wants out of her life. She wants to see the world instead of her dead end home town and she doesn't want anyone getting in the way of her dream. Then comes Jackson Monroe who works his way into her life and tears down her walls. The trouble is it may be too late. Sometimes time has its own plans.

Escaping Lila -short story e-book

Some people die before their time. Others die long before their body does. Lila McGillis could feel it before it happened. Bienvenu wraps up a nouveau roman style in a tight little package that keeps you guessing to the very end.

The Elopement -short story e-book

Irish Maggie Crawford had her perfect life planned for her. Then she met Charles Labbe. His handsome French blood wasn't exactly what her rich parents had in mind. Shy, awkward Maggie takes her life into her own hands. But when it comes to going against the grain will she defy her parents demands and choose love even if it means leaving everything she knows behind?

Roberts, Dana, 21 -short story e-book

Dana Roberts was a regular college student until a car accident stole her memory. Dana struggles to reclaim her memory and sense of identity but nothing is what it seems. The therapist, doctors, her family and friends are all keeping secrets from her and Dana is determined to find out the truth about who she is. She just didn't know it would be so devistating. Dana turns desparate breaking into buildings and chasing after the truth that lands her in the hospital again. Sometimes the truth is better forgotten but once it's reclaimed can never be undone.

The Life of Virginia Wargenheimer -short story e-book

Virginia attracts trouble wherever she goes whether it's with the Girl Scouts, her high school teachers, the trombone or boys. All she wants is to work at Greasy Cheesey's,get rid of a few pimples and disown her freakish family. Seriously. Bienvenu brings another comedy to the table that will leave you rolling.

Changing Stripes -short story e-book

An abstract piece on racism, Bienvenu showcases a White girl and an Hispanic boy parted by the waters of racism. They are torn apart by the world around them and left to face the harsh truth that the world doesn't see people for who they are, only the color of their skin.

The Right Kind of Perfect -short story e-book

Fifteen year old Tessa Smithers has anything but the perfect life and things only get worse once she is accused of being a bird killer. Suddenly the entire town has turned upside down and the only thing they can agree on is she's guilty. Has everyone lost their mind or is it just her? Bienvenu writes a sensational teenage comedy that will leave you laughing until you cry.

Once In A Lifetime -e-book

Most people don't fall in love at thirteen years old. Best friends Kate Bryans and Anderson Beckett did. Circumstances beyond their control tore their young world apart. Now fifteen years later Kate is engaged and ready to move on with her life. After a string of boyfriends she's prompted to tie up lose ends. She just didn't think they would lead her to the now famous songwriter from her past. Suddenly she is confronted by everything she once wanted. Kate must now choose between her first love and the man standing at the altar.

Taming of the Free Spirit -short story e-book

Marie Johnson is perfectly content running in fields and picking wild flowers until her family informs her that she is to be married to Joseph Clemmins, a perfect tart if there ever was one. Will Joseph force her to become someone else or will Marie be allowed to remain the free spirit she was meant to be and learn to love one another?

Sarah's Secret -e-book

Sarah Marshall was molested as a young girl. Betrayed by her parents, she runs away to start a new life. Now as a successful social worker with Child Protection Services Sarah vows to save as many young lives as she can. She'll soon learn that she must face her past or her past will face her.
Sergeant Elijah Ryan joined the United States army when his parents died. He's angry with a God he doesn't even know. It's kill or be killed in the desert and he simply wants to get out alive. That was before he received a letter from a woman would would lead him to the answers he was searching for.
Bienvenu brings the haunting realitites of war and the struggle to overcome one's past that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.

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