Saturday, 5 May 2012

HYBRID:The Rh- Factor by Claudia B. Modie

Hybrid: The Rh- Factor
Claudia B. Modie

Download thre first book in this amazing series . . . you will not be dissapointed !

About the Book

"The only thing I knew about Rh Negative blood was that I needed a shot after giving birth. At the time there was little explanation, other than, "your blood type."
In the seventies, I was still carrying a card in my wallet, which read, "This is an Rh- Female."
Having Rh- blood means you have no connection to the Rhesus Monkey, hence the negative Rh factor. Roughly 85% of the human population is genetically linked to this particular primate. I am in the 15% percent with no genetic similarities.
As an Rh- female, my body will reject the intrusion of any offspring without this necessary blood compatibilty. There are no instances in which this occurs in nature, unless there has been an attempt at cross-species breeding.
An individual with O negative blood is a Universal Donor, capable of giving blood to anyone, yet . . . can only receive O negative blood in return.

As it stands, those shots (rhogam) I was given, the shots still relied upon to this day, only fool the body into believing there's blood compatibility, but . . . what if there isn't?

It's the "What if?" factor that makes the best fiction . . . Isn't it?"

Blood is not necessarily thicker than water when a love triangle is orchestrated by extraterrestrials.

There are those who suspect individuals with Rh Negative Blood are the descendants of Ancient Astronauts , but throughout history a select few have had to learn the hard way . . .
When Olivia finds out she is pregnant, it forces Bobby into reliving his past, his own alien engineered birth. As he struggles to convince the young virgin to go through with the pregnancy, Olivia reconciles with the terrifying knowledge that she has been abducted and is now incubating what she views as a creature. But despite her apprehensions she cannot bring herself to terminate the pregnancy.

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