Saturday, 12 May 2012

Books by Keith Nichols

Keith's Bio

 Keith Nichols is a mad scientist living in the pacific northwest. He dabbles in just about everything from writing his books, to building rat rods, to astro-photography. Recently married he is working on his 8th novel and his 5th non fiction book.

Book Descriptions:
The Virginia X: in this adventure tale, two young men set off on a short expedition to get some pictures of a derelict ship and end up being entangled in a web of mafia trouble and intrigue.

How to Solve our Dependency on Oil: in this short essay Keith Nichols gives his thought on how to end our addiction to fossil fuels.

The Ghost Of Jack Woodford: This is the tale of my search for a forgotten American author from the first half of the past century. Jack Woodford wrote over 150 books, and is completely forgotten nowadays. I wanted to know why, and wanted to to know who he was and why he did what he did. These are the answers I found.

Nuramans Endgame: In this dark tale of lost loves and forgotten destinies, Keith Nichols explores the shadier side of life.

One Important Crucial Missing Detail: Keith Nichols says this is the strangest book he has ever written, being part humorous essay and part biography. A very personal tale, it follows his search for a missing key element in his life, which is eventually found but not in any way he had expected.

Keith's amazon author page, where you can find all the above books

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