Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Devil and Edward Teach by Ken Preston

The Devil and Edward Teach
Ken Preston

London, 1714, and tragedy has struck for Abigail Rose. With her sister, and the mysterious young adventurer, Cornelius Wilde, she is sent to Nassau by her uncle. En route she is plunged into a dark, terrible adventure, where the price for her heart’s desire may be her soul itself.
Exciting, colourful and full of larger than life characters, The Devil and Edward Teach takes you on a seafaring voyage to the doors of Hell, as the notorious pirate Blackbeard meets his ultimate adversary.
5 Star review
The Devil and Edward Teach is pure escapism, and a great read. Ken Preston has managed to weave the atmosphere and details of the period into an almost tangible reality. From the filth and squalor of early 18th century London, to a vividly described battle at sea, the author captures it in a way that puts the reader in the midst of the action.
Of course, there are fair damsels, a gentleman adventurer, cutthroats, rogues, and the fearsome Blackbeard himself, but Mr. Preston has made them more than mere stereotypes, they're real and you believe in them. His portrayal of Edward Teach, in particular, is impressive and humanizes the legend.
At it's heart, this book is an adventure, a ripping yarn of the old school. It starts with a public hanging, moves on to a raging sea battle, and builds to a climax that the writers of the Pirates of The Caribbean movies would do well to take note of.
If you want to escape from the modern world and go on an adventure, buy this book.
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